In my own little corner…

I guess a decent way to get this thing rolling would be to show off my dorm. Or rather, my corner of the triple I share. Thankfully it’s incredibly spacious and has an incredible view of the lake. I’ve been trying to decorate more to make it feel lived-in, but I’ve got an entire year to accomplish that.

I brought a stack of old pictures with me with little no to intention of use in mind, but looking through the stack (and remembering how much poster putty I still had left over), I found a few shots I really liked and decided to collage together. I can remember almost every occasion on which these were taken, and it’s slightly terrifying to think about how even the most recent of these pictures were taken roughly ten years ago.

These guys keep me company.

How I keep myself informed of upcoming events. Kudos to ACE for marking which events will offer free food.

The desk I’ve finally managed to organize.

I’m rather proud of how well I’ve been keeping up my share of the dorm. I’ve already tidied up and vacuumed more than once without anyone asking me to.


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